Can I Meet My Dream Guide Now?


I have tried several times to meet my dream guide when I am lucid in a dream. The first time I asked, I found myself immersed in some kind of black, empty space. Little by little I could see how small bright blue figures or shapes and stars began to form and get bigger, then a silhouette began to emerge, but I got very emotional and woke up.

The second time I asked to meet my guide in a lucid dream I heard someone laugh behind me. It seemed to me someone was mocking me. I asked again and I heard the laugh again and then the dream collapsed.

The last time I tried I had the strangest dream. After asking to meet my guide, I was in a dark, foggy tunnel. As I began to approach the light at the end of the tunnel, two figures or beings started to emerge. When I got really close I could see the figures were actually two cartoon characters! 

They didn't say anything, but they had their hands up as if they didn't want me to go on. For some reason I ignored them and continued walking, and I then entered some kind of mall. 

Once inside the mall I noticed the place looked fuzzy, so I began so say ohm, ohm, ohm louder and louder (this mantra works really well to make the dream more stable). 

At that moment I realized that everybody in that mall was a cartoon! They were all really tall and third-dimensional, and it all seemed really funny, but after walking for a while I asked again, “Can I meet my dream guide now?" and the dream collapsed.

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