High Drive, Deep to Left Field


I'm standing next to a table in the corner of a dimly lit bar. There are only a handful of people standing around and the bartender is starting to clean up for the night while the band on the stage tears down their set. I decide that I should probably head home for the night and make my way to the bar where I leave a $20 bill and exchange head nods with the bartender.

As I turn around to leave, I look over to the corner table where I had been standing and realize that I don't recognize anyone at the table. I also can't remember the name of the bar. Not being one to frequent random bars alone, I realize that I must be dreaming, although I continue to just go along for the ride for the time being.

I set my drink on the table and head for the door. As I get to the door and make my way up the steps, I hear the growing sound of a large crowd. Reaching the top of the steps, I have trouble seeing anything for a moment as I find myself under bright stadium lights. I blink my eyes a couple of times, which instantly clears up my vision, and look around to find that I've just walked up the steps into the Red Sox dugout at Fenway Park. It's at this point that I reach full lucidity and start to take a more active role in where the dream is going.

I look around the stadium filled with fans and decide to fly up to the top of the Green Monster in left field. I walk up the dugout steps to the field, but after reaching the top step I continue to float up for a few seconds before stretching my arms outward and making my way across the field. As I'm flying my surroundings disappear completely for a brief moment, leaving nothing but white emptiness in my visual field, but as soon as I find my seat on top of the wall the stadium, players, and fans all return. 

Over the stadium speakers, I hear "Now batting, 2nd baseman Dustin Pedroia," and without actively trying to make anything happen I think about how cool it would be to catch a home run all the way up here. Sure enough, the next pitch is thrown and Pedroia hits a line drive headed straight for me. I stand up, ready to make the catch, but lose the ball in the glare of the stadium lights. My visual field starts to fade away again and I frantically try blinking again but with no luck this time, as I wake up to find myself laying in my bed.

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