Moving at the Speed of Light

Cheryl Miranda

I was quite tired as I prepared to go to bed. I didn't know why, but I also felt unusually anxious. In bed I read the last chapter of an OBE book I had been reading. Then still feeling a little strange, I turned out the light.

As I started to drift off to sleep, the first images of a dream had already begun. Still awake, I watched as my dream self entered a New Age store. In the dream, I looked to the left and then to the right before a gentle male figure appeared in front of me. I immediately recognized that he was not part of the dreamscape. He had a more real and solid quality to him, yet I couldn't make out his features. I assumed he was a guide. He extended his hand towards me. I was still awake as I watched him offer me a CD. I understood that the CD was to help me relax, go deeper than I could on my own. As my dream self reached to take the CD from his hand, I immediately began feeling groggy while losing the simultaneous awareness I had of me in bed while also being a dream figure in a New Age store. 

My awareness shifted to my astral body. I was laying flat on my back inside my physical body. Then, I began to slip deeper and deeper in a downward and backward motion through what felt like membranes or dimensions. I was moving far beyond the physical world. I realized I could increase the speed of motion by repeatedly relaxing and surrendering deeper. I was fully lucid and aware of what was happening; blissfully absorbed in the luminescent energy of my astral body as I moved at light speed faster and faster, deeper and deeper with each thought of relaxation. I wanted to go as far as I could go, even if I never came back.

But, suddenly I returned to my physical body. I was still fully aware; never having lost consciousness from the moment I climbed into bed. I lay on my back watching sparkling energy move rapidly in front of my closed eyes. I was filled with gratitude.

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