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I’ve just moved into the dormitory and I’m unpacking my things. So here I am living again in a dormitory as a university student after more than 10 years. I realize that this situation is a recurring dream of mine and I'm wondering, if all those past dreams I had about being in this environment, may have been precognitive dreams, since clearly I’m now really here in a dormitory, so the dream came true.

I'm looking in front of me and thinking.... did I just draw a wrong conclusion? This could be a dream, since recurring dreams are dreamsigns. Of course, that’s it, it’s a dream! I feel so happy that finally I recognized this situation as a dream after months of having dreams in similar settings.

I’m looking at the clock on the wall and it says 7:29 am. I know for a fact that I’ve set my alarm for 7:30 am, so I only have 1 minute left to carry out an intent lucidly. Let’s stop the time! A women appears to my left but I’m still staring at the clock and on my desire to stop the time. It doesn’t work, the clock still goes on. Why doesn’t it work? I had this issue before in lucid dreams and it must be because I do not fully believe in my power of stopping the time.

I look at the women and concentrate on her. She talks to me and suddenly she’s freezing. It worked! I’m looking back at the still ticking clock and concentrating again on freezing it too. I exert myself tremendously with all my energy and suddenly everything around the clock gets blurry and my alarm goes off...

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