Be Like Spiderman

James Sims

This lucid dream, my 53rd one of 2019, is an example of my lucid dreams that last longer than I can possibly recall. What I am left with, as a result, are comparably shorter yet profound fragments of advice from Spirit.

Lucid at the earliest point that I can remember, I go on an adventure during which I attain the ability scale walls like Spiderman. Eager to test my newly acquired skill, I climb up a skyscraper, joyfully defying my fear of heights in waking life. As I do so, I can see and feel the sticky substance of the webs that automatically emanate from my hands. During the long ascension, I receive a gift of wisdom from the Consciousness beyond the dream, which tells me to be present in the eternal now: "Be like Spiderman. Don't look far ahead." In other words, in much the same way that I'm ascending step by step (rather than overwhelming myself by acknowledging the immensity of the climb that awaits me), so too should I live moment by moment. This is not only practical in the sense of mitigating the stresses that worries about the future may bring, but it is also the key to enlightenment. By enjoying each stage of our spiritual, psychological, and/or professional advancement, we are assuming responsibility while placing the future in the hands of Gods.

In the following scene, I will learn just how rewarding surrendering to the Divine can be. I have now completed my ascension and subsequently been awarded a pair of heavy boots. They are so heavy, in fact, that I wonder for in instant if they will impede my flight.

Indeed, the challenges of life can and will bombard us at times, leaving us questioning our ability to overcome them. However, it is helpful to remember that "to whom much is given, much is required." What if some of the difficulties we faced were trials that only brave souls were willing to undergo, not out of self-punishment, but because deep down they knew themselves to be capable of transcending them and emerging even stronger than before? In congruency with this positive perspective, I take flite just as easily as usual in spite of wearing these heavy boots. Very liberating is outgrowing self-limiting beliefs.

As I continue to elevate, I realize that, though I'm still lucid, I'm not fully in control of this flight. I'm being occasionally pushed back and forth by what appears to be an invisible force. Yet, instead of resisting being swayed in various directions, I thoroughly enjoy the ride. Like a child on a roller coaster, I scream with joy as I'm directed through the sky. It can truly be much more fun to surrender than to try to be in control at all times. Spirit has given me this dream to remind me to let go of the illusion of control, and I am very grateful for Its message.

On a closing note, I would like to dedicate this lucid dream to all of the brave, advanced souls who have chosen to embark on paths that may not be the easiest, but that are very fruitful in opportunities for growth. I thank all of you for having the desire to awaken in the dreams you have at night, which simultaneously facilitates the awakening from the dream we call life. You are all playing such a huge roll in increasing the universal vibration through your much-appreciated vigilance.

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