Shadow Person on the Dance Floor

Luke Schoettinger

I found myself sitting on a ledge located at the edge of a square gathering area, which I now label a dance floor. I sat next to two male Disney Channel celebrities that haven’t entered my waking consciousness in years. Three of my cousins engaged in some kind of fight or competition among themselves, and after a little while they start to dance.

At this point I realize I dream, but don’t have a big aha moment (my induction technique gets me lucid, but tends not to produce big aha moments). I start to walk among the dancers and see a girl who used to ride my bus in grade school dances past, saying hi. She appears to have consciousness while most of the other dream characters play out their dream roles without doing anything noteworthy. I now wonder if she represents my anima, as she has appeared consciously lucid in another dream I just had as well. I recognize the substitution effect has caused this identification of the possible anima with a specific person in waking physical reality, as well as the identifications placed on pretty much all dream characters in this dream.

Anyway, I keep walking around and eventually feel bored so I yell out to the greater dream awareness, “Show me something important!” A black smoke shadow appears and looms menacingly in front of me. I hold my hand out attempting to shoot energy at it. No energy comes out of my hand, but the black smoke shadow morphs into a humanoid shape with a pirate hat. I wake up. 

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