Meeting A Part of Myself

Anna Racicot

I am talking in the bathroom with R. and my husband, Steve, when I notice how short R. is. I expect him to be somewhat shorter than Steve, but he is really short, like a child. This causes me to realize that I am dreaming and I say to Steve, “Let's fly through the ceiling.” I can't quite fly to the ceiling so I have Steve push me in several places so that my hands press into the material of the ceiling a little bit as I try to fly.

Then I go into our living room and I see a little, short, dwarfish person, a man with a black beard and long black hair. I don't think I like this guy particularly, but then I get down on his level and say to him, “What part of myself are you?” He doesn't answer, but I think I know. I say, “Are you the part of myself that needs a hug?” Or maybe I say to him, “Are you the part of myself that likes to hug?” He seems to agree with this and, when I reach out to hug him, he jumps into my lap, kind of getting himself in a nursing position.

At this point R. says he’s going to go to his house because it's a perfect time to make some music and he leaves.

Steve and I are getting ready to go into the bedroom and we're talking about a bowl of oriental food we got somewhere which has some raw sunflower seeds in it. The sunflower seeds look very new and fresh. We say we should take a few with us so that we can compare them to the ones that are supposedly raw in town to see if they really are raw. While we are talking like this the small, little, affectionate-craving person who now looks more like a small boy dumps some of the sunflower seeds and the Chinese food onto the couch. “Pick it up,” I tell him. He refuses. “Pick it up,” I tell him again, “or I'm going to throw you outside.” I do wonder about being so harsh with a part of myself.

Note: This lucid dream affected my consciousness throughout the next day and evening. I felt extremely energized and on top of the world, partly because this was the first time in a lucid dream I had succeeded in interacting with a dream character, understanding the character was a part of myself.

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