Beings Interested in My Computer

Jay Antony Thomas

I spent the first couple of hours struggling for lucidity, without ever quite achieving it. Faces from the past came and went, but none of them could tell me where I was. Whilst I knew that I wasn't in physical reality, I didn't feel myself to be dreaming, either. This was something altogether different.

I then became paranoid that somebody was accessing my computer whilst I was out of the house. I responded by returning home deliberately early. What I found was like a scene from The Adjustment Bureau. Around ten men were in my bedroom, huddled around my computer. I asked them what they thought there were doing. They wouldn't tell me. I threatened to call the police. They seemed unconcerned.

I slowly began to realise, once again, that I wasn't in physical reality. However, it was also unlike any lucid dream I'd ever experienced before. Not only could I not assert control, but the men in my room were definitely not dream characters. They were far too coherent, intelligent... and evasive.

They eventually told me that I wouldn't understand what they were doing. "Try me," I replied. 

One of them turned towards me and said, "You're not like the others."

This, apparently, was their explanation for why they were interested in my computer. They didn't mention my blog, specifically, but I got the distinct impression that that was what had prompted their visit.

Once they realised that I was lucid, they seemed more willing to engage me in intelligent conversation (and what followed was hours and hours of it). In fact, this was undoubtedly the longest sustained "dream" I've ever experienced. We talked about everything from time machines to virtual electronics (essentially, computers built within a computer-generated environment).

They seemed to induce a "false awakening," at one point, but it didn't take me long to see through the ruse (which earned me even more respect). It was then that I told them what I thought they actually were. Namely, soulless beings, who spend their lives trying to understand and acquire what they do not have. They didn't deny it. In fact, one of them implied that they were close to some kind of breakthrough.

Thoughts upon awakening: It wasn't my "computer" that they were probing, but my brain. The computer was merely symbolic. I didn't sense any malevolence from these beings, if that's what they were, but they're definitely tricky fellows, and I wouldn't necessarily trust them either.

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