Dream, Make it Light Out for Me, Please

Adam Lazarus

I’m walking from the living room out of the front door, at the home where I grew up. Dad and I have a dialogue from across the house. He says something positive as I leave, which makes me feel warm. (This interaction references a text conversation which my dad and I had this day from waking reality, which I think I felt in the dream but did not necessarily get lucid from?)

Grasping the handle of the front door, I look at the back of my hand on the gold colored surface. I don’t count my fingers but look at all of them. This angle makes the fingers look almost like the legs of a critter. I normally see my hand from the palm side up and not the back like this, when performing reality checks in waking reality and in dream reality. This contemplation is where I gained a more full lucidity. I walk outside the front door, lucid and contemplating what I should do. It has been a while since I have been lucid and I feel rusty.

The sky above my suburban childhood street seems to be passing dusk, but not blue, more of a charcoal color. Impulsively, I decide to ask the dream awareness to make it light out - it is always so dark where I live now in waking reality and I want it light. Standing in the grass of the front yard I hold my hands above my head, forming the shape of a ‘Y.’ Spinning in circles, arms outstretched, I call aloud, “Dream make it light out for me please!” And as I finish a spin, the dark sky becomes light blue. 

This light does not seem to come from a single light source like our sun, it looks more like the stars in the night sky have brightened, from white specks to gleaming yellow circles. I walk from the grass into the street, strolling in the direction towards the park. The sky grows darker again and I remind the dream to keep it light (unsure whether this is verbal or not.) It quickly becomes blue again as if I was turning up the dimmer on a light. I’m surprised at the clarity of the lucid dreamscape.

More happens which I can’t recall and somewhere here I may lose lucidity? I can’t tell if I’m dreaming of being lucid or actually lucid anymore...It’s light out now and stays light, a more natural daytime. I go to my brother on the driveway and I excitedly tell him that I just had (or am having) a very clear lucid dream. He is standing with his friends who appear unfamiliar to me, and he looks at me like I am interrupting his time...Entering the house through the open garage doors, I lean on the kitchen counter next to the windows above the sink. I look at the greenery outside...

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