Interrupted By Gismoe

Jeffrey Randle

I wake up in the middle of the night, to the sound of my own voice set as my alarm clock. 

“Stay still, don't move, remember, remember remember, everything that you need to remember.”

The alarm then auto-dismisses as I start to process my thoughts and REMEMBER my goal to do (W.I.L.D) lucid dreaming.

I use my awareness to scan my body. I am on my right side and want to roll over badly. I ignore it then an itch starts in my shoulder, I ignore it. Both impulses get stronger – Ugh! - But I ignore them. It freeking hurts. I ignore it, the itch and pain then both vanish.

I feel funny; a feeling that one might say is heavy as lead and one might say is as light as feather.

Light vibrations start like electricity, tickling up my spine and down my fingers and I feel numb. The vibrations get even stronger and I hear a HMmmmmmmmmm sound, buzzing in my head and scarry whispers...FIGHT OR FLIGHT FEAR RESPONSE SETS IN. I feel it in my belly like I'm about to drop off a roller coaster. I think to myself, “Don't let this fear snowball. Balance emotions, no fear, no hate, no anger, no sorrow, only feelings of love, joy, excitement, and respect.”

I start to visualize my room around me with as much detail as I possibly can. I start to visualize what it would look like to make a rolling motion out of my bed onto the floor of my room. I then put all of my attention onto my left shoulder blade area, then my right shoulder blade area, and rotate my awareness back and forth back and forth, until a rocking sensation starts.

I set a strong mindset, with high confidence, no doubt, truest self and know it will happen. The words (ROLL OUT) are going over and over in my head. The magic happens and I roll out onto the floor of my room. The vibrations stop. It's dark and I can feel my knees on my carpet. With my hands, I touch my surroundings. I can feel everything, but I can not see. It's gloomy like a foggy darkness of gray and black surrounds me.

I bring my attention to my hands then start rubbing them together putting them right in front of my field of vision. I can start to see them appear and I yell out, “Vividness now!” “Clarity now!” and “High definition vision now!” all while visualizing my room around me with as much detail as I can.

My vision shifts like a light has come on and I can see. It's still not very clear, but I can make out my room. I then start touching everything around me, my body, my dresser, the carpet, the bed as I am paying close attention to the detail and textures.

My environment becomes much more clear and vivid. I stand up and try to float up into the air by jumping and flapping my arms like butterfly wings. It serves as a reality check before I jump out of my window! I run, jump, and smash right through a glass window like a crazy man and land in my dad's garden.

It's dark out but I can see well, and the stars look amazing. I lay on my back and look up at them, amazed at how clear and close they are. My vision changes like a telescope and I no longer have a sense of a dream body. I am in a visionary state! I enjoy taking in the vast beauty of the stars, other worlds and galaxies for about one minute. It is amazing.

Then . . .total darkness. From this darkness my sense of a dream body comes back. I can feel my knees on a hard surface. I stand up and begin rubbing my hands in front of my face. I can see them and then I look around. There is a big concrete-like square table or slab in the middle of a room surrounded by five pillars. In between each pillar is a torch on a metallic metal pole and there is a man standing off to the side. He wears gray robes and does not move or even acknowledge my presence. Then I see her - the lady in red.

She is beyond stunning - like you might imagine a goddess would look. She wears beautiful ruby-red jewelry and an outfit of all red that I can't even find the words for. She is a total knock out, beautiful.

I tell her I am lucid and she laughs at me and says nothing. A door opens up behind the pillars, and she makes a “follow me” waving gesture, then turns around and begins walking away. I start to follow her down a rather dark and gloomy hallway that is also lit up by torches on metal pillars of some sort.

Then . . . “Meow, meow, meow.” My cat Gismoe wakes me up, rubbing his face against mine. “Meow, meow, meow.” The whole right side of my body is SORE from ignoring the earlier roll over signal! I think to myself, “WTF, cat? I was totally about to get lucky!”

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