Way Too Deep


This is just a part of a very long dream, one of the first one I had since I got back to lucid.

I found myself in a cheap motel in a city I used to live in. It made no sense to me, so I knew I was dreaming. I was trying to levitate but I felt as if I was losing focus and the dream was fading away. I counted my fingers, and the dream stabilized and I gained more control.

Since I had no predetermined goals, I decided to engage in some activities of a personal nature........…after that was done I was still very lucid and awake. I spun around, cleared the room of all the dream characters and called out, “I want to see my guides.”

I found myself in a huge ballroom filled with characters. Some that I recognized and some that I didn’t, some human and some that were not. I approached the closest one and asked, “Are you my guide?” he answered, “Of course I am, all of us here are your guides, but how did you get down here? You are not supposed to be here. You went way to deep!”

All of a sudden I felt a sense of urgency. I felt that I needed to get out. I found myself standing in a dark cave. An old man pointed to a staircase that was leading up and said, “Go up, hurry!” I went up the stairs, got out of the cave and found myself back on the street where that cheap motel was. I lost all lucidity and was sure that I was awake. I ran into my brother and told him that I just had an amazing experience. I felt extremely hungry, so stopped next to a food stand, got something to eat, and woke up.

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