Closer to the Source


The imagery opens a little slow, as I see and feel myself entering into consciousness of something entirely new. I am high up someplace in the mountains among the clouds and feel the breeze of fresh air of these highlands. It seems like a resort with a beautiful panorama. The sensation of suddenly realizing I am awake in a dream is exhilarating! There are many people on the grassy slopes engaged in all sorts of fun activities. By the tan skin color of most of these people, except for western tourists, it looked to me like it could be Tibet or Nepal.

Not far from me, is a young girl sitting on the grass and enjoying the scene just as I am. I decide to ask her the name of this country. She replies, “It’s called CTS1 (=closer to the Source). Pointing away to another mountaintop, I ask, “So then is the country next to this one called CTS2?” She says, “Yes.” I thank her for the information and then walk away to explore the place a little more.

Next, I enter a lodge that’s close by and recognize a friend that is in line at a buffet. His name is Steve, but I’m also aware that he is not really anybody I know outside this dream. I decide to see if I can get him to talk privately with me so I can tell him that I know all of this is just a dream, wonderful as it is. I am wondering if he too might be aware of it.

He sees me coming and motioning for him to come near. He steps out of line, asks me to follow him to a side room that has a big screen and movies that we can watch while I tell him what’s on my mind. As we enter the room, I ask him if he knows that all this is really dream. When I say that, I instinctively want to open my eyes which causes me to awaken from the dream.

I sit up on the bed and think Steve may get angry at me again for having disappeared on him in the middle of a dream conversation. 

After a few minutes, I lay back down and doze off again. As I do, I find myself awake again in the same dream and feeling great in being able to return to this incredible inner world. This time I find myself on one of the grassy mountain slopes playing catch baseball with two other guys. 

Then a crowd of people start to come my way, going someplace in a hurry. I’m curious to find out where they are going, so I drop my glove and start to follow. At this point, the dream starts to fade, and I again awaken.

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