Flying With An Old Friend

Cheryl Miranda

While standing in a massive empty house, I recognize I am dreaming and become lucid. I prepare to go through my normal exit procedure and say to myself, "If I'm lucid, I am out of body."

After a spontaneous somersault, I am flying over mountains and streams. Then I realize there is a girl flying with me. I can’t see her, but she has attached herself to me energetically. She is slightly behind me and to my right. I don’t mind. There is something comfortable and familiar about her.

When I make my usual request to go to the inner dimensions, instead of rolling out of another body and going to the vast empty void I am used to, I stay right where I am and the dreamscape around me disappears.

The girl is still attached to me. She doesn’t feel like any of the guides who have traveled with me before. I usually perceive guides as knowledgeable with a serious demeanor, suggesting they have a purpose or job to do. I perceive this nonphysical girl as more innocent and less experienced. Like me, she is still learning about the nonphysical world and trying to figure things out. I imagine she is younger than me which is an odd recognition since I have never encountered age before.

Suddenly numerous photographs flash in front of us, one after another. I only get a quick glimpse of each photo before it disappears and another one appears. The photos are of me and my female companion from different life events that we obviously shared together. Although I recognize it is me in each of the photos, it isn’t “me” now. It isn’t the “me” sleeping in my bed and living my current physical life. It is me from many other lifetimes. Although I have no conscious memory of the scenarios or lifetimes shown in the photos, I know what is being suggested is true - this girl and I have shared many past lives together. I also understand she is not currently alive in a physical form. She is in between lives.

After the past life photo show down memory lane, I wake up pondering who in my current life have I shared other lives with.

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