Fog and Flying

Debbie Johnstone

I need to preface my dream with sharing that I've been an avid lucid dreamer since I was a teenager. As an adult I've gone to many unknown surrealistic places flying without trying in my dreams as well as other dreams of lucidity in my dreams. In the last few years, my lucid dreaming has been minimal. I've reflected on why and am opening myself to return to that incredible lucid state in dreams. 

About a week ago, I returned to this lucid state in my dreams with enthusiasm. I call this Fog and Flying:

I see in front of me a small airport on the edge of ocean water. A medium-sized private jet is ready to board not too far in the distance. Fog permeates the landscape but only in pockets. I see a lot of the landscape clearly and the pockets of fog just feel wonderfully mystical even though they block my having a clear view. 

All of a sudden my body get sucked backwards out into space. This is a familiar feeling. I used to have dreams of being sucked out into space so fast and seeing the earth getting smaller and smaller. I always enjoyed these dreams but would become lucid and realize I need to head back to earth, which I always did.

This dream was similar to a past pattern. I went quite a distance out and space with joy. I became lucid while flying out in space and remembering the joy of the experience. My dream lucidity made me realize I need to not go too far out. The joy of flying was incredible but I'm remembering how to do this, so my thoughts were clear to head back. 

I arrive back at the same spot. But now I fly swiftly toward the plane a distance away. My flight starts at this point about as high as a 2-story building. I zoom toward the plane but flying power isn't quite back yet so swoop upward past the plane for just a bit. I sort of laugh at myself. I'm like a kid remembering how to do something I've been adept at yet a little rusty. But overall excited and exhilarated by being in my element again. 

The fog starts to clear some. I see the mildly-rough ocean water in the distance and a small black, rocky island formation not too far from shore. I take off flying in that direction again. The fog is in front of the rock. I fly right toward it and stop while in the air just before running into it. I wake up excited, enthusiastic, and appreciative to return to a skill I've loved so much.

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