The Light Shield


Am at a gathering, like an Edwardian ball with my date, an attractive Caucasian brunette in her late 30s. Everyone is wearing masks. A man comes after us in a threatening manner. We do our best to evade his advances until he opens this special door, this portal, that must never be opened. Through it, the demons flow in, thousands of them, big hulky fellas in armor wielding a variety of weapons. My partner and I transform into sword wielding Jedi warriors. After a long strung out battle in the sands, standing back to back, in which we slaughter countless, we realize, it’s impossible to go on like this. Unsustainable. We are outnumbered in the wake of these relentless hordes.

I can’t take it anymore. Close my eyes. Come what may, I’m done fighting. I kneel and begin to focus intensely on my inner light, accepting my death and fate, generating a light shield to protect myself. But instead of dying I become lucid. The light shield covers both of us now, lifting us into the air and transporting us to safety in some faraway place. Also now I am aware that she’s my Soulmate. She has morphed into this beautiful young Indian woman. Holding hands, she guides me through this new place. Rooms within rooms, walking steadily and seamlessly on what seems like narrow wooden beams, the walls made of saffron colored saris. At some point I tug on her hand and say, wait, let’s not go any further. I want to make love to you, right here, right now. She acquiesces, our lips and bodies come together, but as we begin I stop, apologize and tell her. “Look, now that I’m lucid, I must go and help Laura first.” I’ll be back, she understands [Laura is a teacher friend of mine who’s suffering from a chronic illness]. 

Find myself in Laura’s apartment with the intention of finding out what’s ailing her. I call out to her. Where is she? No sign of her. Suddenly I am spinning around and round, surrounded by all these young children, staring up at me as if I were Mary Poppins! My body is heating up. I keep calling out to her, where is she? No sign of her, still spinning, body getting hotter. This is the problem, I realize, she’s over-heating. Am in her body, can sense her consciousness nestled high up in the region of the crown chakra. The children, her students, see her, not me! But how to stop this spinning?

Then I spin out on to a curb. I find myself nestled between these two couples, one woman on either side of me, waiting for the parade to arrive. They come, the sexy peacock feathered dancers, marching band, dressed Carnival style, wagging their hips, drums beating, horns blaring, the crowd excitedly egging them on. I want to join them, dance with them, but the two women wedge me in, tightly, getting me aroused. I am unable to escape their clench. “We’ve got you.” They press in firmly with their flesh, oozing their femininity like a perfume, sandwiching and squeezing me until I explode…

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