My Own Master

Jaime Lundquist-Munoz

After falling asleep I woke up in my dream. I found myself facing some obstacles where I have to pass through some narrow passages and I manage to do so. I found my self at a burning hill and I couldn’t go up the hill. Then someone appeared and somehow I knew that he was my master.

As he got close to me I asked him, “Are you my master?” He nodded his head yes! An inner voice came to me and said, “The master appears when the student is ready.” Wham! I got it!

I held him in a big hug and burst into tears. I cried and cried, thanking him. Then I looked at him. He was an old Indian man. I asked him, “Are we in India?” He said yes! Then he showed me an ancient city  - like my eyes were opened to see it. It was so beautiful, like it was from an enchanted magic story.

Then I saw people from all over the world coming to listen to what we had to say, and go into the city. The interesting part is that I was fully awake in my dream to what was happening. Then I woke up in this reality. I had tears still on my face. I was actually crying for real.

This dream taught me to build self-confidence to get to my goal no matter what obstacles are encountered in life, or how narrow and scary the path. I interpreted the Master appearing as my own self; becoming my own self, my own Master. It has given me the strength I need to confront this reality. Namaste!

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