Me, My Invisible Self, and I?

Lucy Gillis

After looking in a mirror when I discover the reflection is not mine, I know I am dreaming. I’m then sitting on a fairly wide window ledge. There is a queen-size bed about a metre below me; “Sally” is sitting on the edge of the bed, not facing in my direction. There is no one else in the room. Since I know I’m dreaming, I decide to jump down onto the bed.

As I jump, I spontaneously get the idea to ask Sally, ‘how many of me’ can she see. Though I don’t see another me on the window ledge, I can sense that there is one there – I can “feel” her/me - but now I am in another body. Sally turns and looks up, says yes, she can see another me.

I extend my right arm, slightly bent at the elbow, while I sense the invisible me, now next to me, extend her left arm, against my right. I ask Sally if ‘both of me’ are wearing the same clothes. I expect her to say yes. I’m a little surprised when she says no.

I ask her what the other me is wearing. She says her top is darker – ‘more like that’ – and she points to someone else who is standing at the foot of the bed in a dark long-sleeved T-shirt. I stare at the other person – is that yet another me? She looks like me.

Unfortunately, the alarm goes off before I can determine for sure if the woman in the dark T-shirt is another me.

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