Shifting Planes

Luke S

I entered a mode of consciousness where I felt no memories of awareness of my previous self. I travelled through a land of pure light; sometimes white, sometimes light blue, with white light tinted blue at others.

I oscillated between existing as the light itself, in geometric shapes flashing/morphing in the light (mostly triangles and squares) and as a humanoid of light dancing through my surroundings. I was in tune with desire as an abstract concept at the time and had an intuitive sense of how to work with it. This was not desire for a particular thing, but an abstract form. When I let go of all desire, which I did consciously, and felt like the right thing to do, I became the light, with no center point of awareness.

I became aware that I wasn't awake in the material plan after the first time I let go of desire and then focused on letting the experience unfold by surrendering to it. This surrender was coupled to letting go of desire. When I regained a little bit of desire, I would become shifting geometric patterns and flashes dancing in the light. If I gained a little more, I would shift into a humanoid of light.

After this went on for awhile, I permanently shifted into a humanoid made of light and started dancing. I became aware of another humanoid dancing with me. Eventually, some upbeat music started playing. Most of the time it was an excellent tune I don’t have awareness of existing on the physical plane, but it seemed kind electronic. We danced to “Ooo baby, don’t you know what that’s worth, we know heaven is a place on earth!” for awhile as well. We never touched while dancing, and it wasn’t sexual at all. Sexuality didn't seem like a relevant concept in this state.

Eventually I recognized an ocean pattern in the light. We soon morphed into otters and wandered mainland to an ice path of light, which started to melt. My partner went off one way further into the mainland. Right before he parted I said, “Otters have the most fun, because, well we’re otters,” and I took off back for the ocean.

Right after that I become aware of “shifting planes.” My consciousness got blasted back into a regular dream body, and I had a few moments of reintegration/remembering who I was. I woke up after this.

I recognize this state as the clear light mind (the pure light parts) from dream yoga, or at least a state very close to it, and the dancing as a close relative.

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