The Naked Dream

Robert King

From what I have read, most folks have had the naked dream at least one time in their lives. It's when you are at school or at work, or somewhere a lot of people are milling around, and you find that you have nothing on. I have had several over the years. This one was a typical naked dream, where I found myself in a crowd of people, and I was completely buck ass naked. But this time I knew I was dreaming, so I decided to have some fun, along with a thought in the back of my mind that if I challenged this dream, would I ever have another naked dream again? 

So, I start shouting to everyone, "Hey! look at me, I am naked"! and then started doing a naked dance. Like many of my lucid dreams, most of the people did not even look at me. But this time, one guy saw me and started to laugh. I walked up to him and stuck my hand in his chest and made a swirling motion, and he vanished in a puff of brown smoke.

I immediately felt that I had done something very wrong. I had known that I was dreaming, and up to this point felt that I was just having some curious fun, but with me making this guy vanish or die, or whatever one wants to call it, I felt at my deepest level that I screwed up.....haven't figured that one out yet.

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