Stuck on a Ledge

Oliver Wedgewood

After a non-lucid dream involving a car, a woman, and a mechanic with a hammer, I find myself on a narrow ledge of a building, several storeys high with the woman dream character. It's pretty scary being so high up without a way to get down safely. I ask her, "Why is it that we always end up on a high, narrow ledge?" I think to myself that perhaps this has happened a few times previously. Then I realise I'm in a dream and say to her, "Do you know that this is a lucid dream?" I push my finger through her nose to make the point! I become lucid and realise that we can fly off the ledge. I take a deep breath and we jump off, soaring into the sky. I practice flying loops, 'stalling' into free fall and then restarting the 'engines' again. As always, flying is very good fun although I'm reminding myself periodically that this is a dream and that I am lucid.

I realise that the woman has now gone and I'm in a house with dim lighting.  I want to practice levitation. It's difficult to achieve at first and I don't get very far, but then I close my eyes and imagine myself becoming lighter and lighter - I levitate!

Then I'm holding Buddy, our little white bichon frise - shih tzu doggie in my arms and remember that he has developed a pimple on his back, which has been worrying my wife and me for several months. I say out loud, "I heal this pimple!" and place my finger on it. There is a little red flash of light from my finger. The pimple seems to have gone and some hard, solid bits of material appear in his fur, which I try to pick out.

I then try to remember my other lucid dreaming goals but the dream starts to fade and I feel the bed sheets and waking reality returning. I'm so happy to have experienced another lucid dream as I've only had a few so far. I'm also very grateful to the woman dream character who helped me become lucid.

Update in Reality: Over the course of the next 3 weeks, Buddy's pimple reduced in size until it completely disappeared. Did the lucid dream healing help, or was the pimple going to disappear anyway? We will probably never know, but I have a feeling that my dream did indeed have some kind of positive healing effect. Either way, my wife and I are very grateful that Buddy is now in good health with no pimple to worry us.

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