I Fly with the Goddess

Martin Stewart

I am outside by the pomegranate tree by the porch. I say I love Jade like a sister. I start saying aum mani padme hum - the buddhist mantra. Then I am in my room and say emphatically that the angel Raphael cured the sick not Jesus as Raphael's name means ‘God cures.’
I go back into the dream I was just having. I am by the pomegranate tree and become lucid. I am aware of my sleeping body. I look at my hand, doing a reality check. I start to fly and then fly over the gate. I call, "Athena" then, "Athena hugeais "(Athena of health) and hear Night Nurse reggae song playing as a response.

Then I see Francisca and Felicity moving some stuff into a house. I see them from above. This is a premonition of them moving out. I think I have slept with one of them and flirted with the other. My mind goes back to Athena. I fly with the goddess Athena.

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