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I like to read about people’s most profound lucid dreams. Ones that years later they still recall because they were just so damn unforgettable. Here’s mine; it is from Christmas Morning back in the early 1990s:

I am walking through a marketplace and I become fully lucid. It appears to be in India in the past, maybe the late 19th or early 20th Century based on the dress. The dirt in the marketplace has a reddish hue and others are milling about. A young girl who looks Indian is trying to sell me a beaded necklace; she is holding up a little brown card, maybe 8x4 with hand written language. I tell her I don’t understand. She pulls another one from behind it that say $1.00. I laugh and reach in my pocket. Turns out I have a dollar.

I keep walking and over to my left I see a photo booth. I think that it might be interesting to take my picture in a dream, so I go over to the booth open the curtain and sit down. There is a little coin slot so I reach again in my pocket and put a coin in. There is a slight noise then a small red LED light on the panel with numbers counts backward and when it reaches zero there is a ding sound. A group of 6 pictures comes out. I take them outside to look at but they aren’t me. The pictures expand in my hand and keeps expanding until it’s the size of a newspaper with what looks like 100 pictures, all of different people, mostly male.

A couple of things stood out. They were all in black and white and the people were from different times. They reminded me of those old pictures you see from the civil war or other points in time when people didn’t smile and with dress with facial hair that was the style of their time. Some of haircuts were really bad, as if it had been cut by a knife and bad teeth in many of them. In the middle was a guy with long hair and a beard holding a long staff. He looked a little like Dumbledore from Harry Potter as I remember.

I stared at as many as I could and tried to remember what I saw. It then dawned on me who these people were, they were me in different time periods! I was looking at past selves. I was certain then and remain so today that I was blessed to see my previous incarnations. It was vivid then and the memory is vivid over 20 years later.
Here’s the kicker. I went to see the movie Hereafter, a psycho-spiritual movie directed by Clint Eastwood, when it came out. During the movie, an early scene has one of the main characters walking through a street market. She stops as a young girl tries to sell her a beaded necklace, she is holding what looks to be that same hand held sign with $1.00 handwritten that the girl in my dream had. The girl and necklace also look similar as I remembered, but the small sign was a match for sure.

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