Lucid Dream Healing Attempts


My close friend E and I become lucid in a forest. We are both donkeys. We keep spinning around, trying to create an “ethereal, mystical landscape,” without realizing we’re more or less already in one. When it doesn’t work, we keep walking. We find ourselves in a Snow White based theme park and enter an exhibit/ride. There are lots of strange and interesting objects, plus some written things, a windy staircase, and different sections that move you around, I think. We leave the exhibit/ride, round the bend, and end up at my camp. 

I recall my dream goal and tell E, “Sorry, I have to go.” I see my mother and run off in her direction. I ask to do a healing on her teeth. She says sure. We go up the metal stairs, which are cold. (E comments on how expensive they are.) I stand in front of my mother and say, “Dream, fill my hands with healing energy overflowing!”

I feel a bit insincere. My mother reminds me that I should make sure any negative energy in them (her teeth) comes out of my hands and doesn’t enter me, so I do. I am amazed that I didn’t think of this but that the dream version of her did, and was looking out for me. I also whisper for my ancestors to help me. I start with waving my hands around her mouth like I would to welcome in a holiday with a candle, and then open her mouth, touching her teeth. She says, “Do you have the touch?” She starts frothing/foaming (has a LOT of sort of sparkly spit.) I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. 

When I feel done, I stop. I don’t think it worked. I accidentally broke a thing she has in the dream for her teeth. She has difficulty breathing now. I am really scared. I try to help her. I know this represents how in waking life I always seem to mess up something important when I’m trying to help. I choose to believe it represents nothing more. I go down the stairs, and then fly back up. 

I tell my mother, “I’m going to do it again.” This time I say again, “Dream, fill my hands with healing energy overflowing.” I feel a little bit more sincere. I say, “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you,” as I move my hands in the candle motion over her mouth. I spontaneously burst into a prayer. I forget which one, but I think it helps to anchor me. I don’t recall any physical representations/signs, but I feel more satisfied when I finish. 

Upon waking I find that my mother does indeed feel a little better, but she woke up significantly earlier than I did and it started before I attempted the healing. The feeling slightly better doesn’t really last and as far as I know there were no long-term effects was not successful. It was definitely an interesting experience though, and I will certainly keep experimenting with lucid dream healing.

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