Polar Bear Snack

Robert King

Riding my bicycle up our hill into our little mountain valley in northern Colorado, I see a Polar Bear on the side of the hill I am riding over. I think, "Silly dream, Polar Bears don't live in Colorado - I bet he is going to start chasing me now!"

So of course, the bear obliges me and gives chase. He gets right behind my bike, and I am pumping up the hill, and look back and see him opening his mouth.

I figure, "Heck it's a dream, so may as well have some fun." So I dive off my bike right into his open mouth. I get eaten, and go through his digestive system, and come out on the ground as a pile of Bear crap. I experience myself as a bunch of bear poop on the ground.

Time passes quickly, and birds light on the crap to eat bugs, and their droppings contain seeds, which starts to grow a large tree. I also experience becoming the tree that grew from the poop, and now am rooted to the earth, which is fine for a while. I feel very peaceful, until I start to get bored after many years pass........ then I decide I had enough being a tree, and wake up.

This dream was a few years ago, and while I am starting to get a taste of what it was pointing to, it still leaves a lot for me to learn.

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