I Want to Go to Level 9

Robert C. Gragg

And it came to pass, that after a long drought of no lucid dreams, I succeeded in becoming lucid. I had tried the night before by awakening after four hours of sleep, getting up, and taking a tab of Galantamine along with a 2,500 mcg (2.5 mg) tab of Quick Dissolve Vitamin B-12. Then, after staying up for thirty minutes, I went back to bed. My dream time was intense but it never occurred to me that I was dreaming.

This time was different. I followed the same procedure, getting up after four hours, taking the Galantamine and B-12 and staying up for thirty minutes. Once in bed I proceeded to meditate, following my breath to the count of five, followed by the declaration that “I will recognize I am dreaming.” I also call out to the Larger Awareness to aid me in my endeavor. After twenty or more minutes of declaring my intention, I rolled over and went to sleep.

I am at home, and my mother who has been dead for twenty-five years, is there with me as well. For some reason I imagine that I am not feeling well and lay down on the floor. I'm hoping to get her attention, but she ignores me. It never occurs to me that this is childish. I crawl into the bathroom and hover over the toilet, but she continues to ignore me. The scene changes and I find myself at a traveler’s hostel (AYH). I enter my room and find that my belongings are missing. I am irate and shout some four-letter words. I step out of my room and find myself in a large shopping mall. It does not yet occur to me that I am dreaming. I am still angry over the theft of my belongings. Mark Harmon from NCIS appears and I shout that some mother f@#ker has stolen my belongings. He looks at me disappointed and walks away.

The shopping mall is large. I begin to walk through it before stepping outside; it is raining out and nighttime. A young woman is out by herself walking and singing some kind of Christian song. I wonder why she is out alone in the middle of a rainy night. I walk in the other direction around the building with the idea of finding my parked car to see if it is still there. The past few dreams my car had been stolen. Nighttime turns to daylight and I am still walking the parameter of the shopping center but it has changed. It's now a large low lying brick building and extends several blocks in both directions. I seem to be getting farther and farther away from my original location. I'm getting lost. 

I enter an enclosed area where there are all kinds of material, some of it junk. There is a man there, older, in his sixties. I don't like him; he's in my face. I don't remember the reason why, but I ended up hitting him hard in the stomach. He keels over and says, “Wow. That got the fire going,” and smiles. I go looking around trying to find my way out of the enclosure. I'm trapped. Another man appears dressed like a workman and helps me clear the debris away from the fence where there is a door that he struggles to open. I step outside and meet another workman and realize I AM DREAMING! The workman is in his forties, tanned, and tall. I ask him about God. My intention while dreaming is to make inquiries about the nature of divinity and if there is a God. I ask him and he says, “No. There IS no God.” And I ask, “Is this reality all there is?” He affirms my question. I'm not satisfied with his answer and think his knowledge is limited. I also want to use the dream to find out about my possible past lives but forget to ask.

There is a scene change and I find myself in an area under construction. There are workmen around and some construction vehicles around. I'm still lucid and lost in this area. I ask one of the workers if any of these vehicles will be leaving and can I hitch a ride. “Yes,” he says and points to one, but there is more than one where he points. “Which one?” I ask. He says something but I'm having trouble hearing what he is saying. I walk over to the one I think he was referring to and try to climb in but can't quite make it. I am growing concerned that I will remain trapped in this locality. I notice some of the workmen walking away and decide to follow them. 

We begin to climb a rugged hill with some difficulty. There are now a large number of us making the assent. Some of them are wearing a helmet that resembles those of Greek or Roman but they remain dressed in ordinary workman's clothes. I'm still lucid when we all reach the top: I ask one of them what this is all about, but he declines to answer, other than to say, “I'm not a tattletale.” I ask another man, but I have a hard time hearing what he is saying. The responses are unintelligible. None of these workmen I pose questions to seem to know anything.

I'm still lost and nowhere near the shopping center. I see some young women a short distance away from the workmen; they are engaged in some kind of work activity. They seem to be washing clothes. They are all in their twenties or near it. They all seem to be dressed in some kind of scant pullover dress that ends at their knees. I tell one of them about my predicament. She responds by telling me there are different levels of reality, nine to be exact. “Where will I find God?” I ask. She says level nine. She describes the first five levels and I already know I don't want to be there. I've seen them already. I can't remember her descriptions, but I know they are places I DON'T want to be stuck in. I want to skip to level nine. Again, I completely forgot to ask about my past life. A great sense of gratitude wells up inside me. I am so grateful for all her help; I try to give her a hug, but she fends it off by turning herself into something insubstantial, part spirit and part corporeal. I say again I want to go to level nine. She directs me to an area where there is a barrier fence and says, “Wait here.” There is a chair there. I sit and wait.

A young woman appears on the other side and lets me enter. She too is scantily clad. As I follow, I walk by a table where there is another young girl putting out bakery goods on a table. I pick one up and ask if I can have it, but she says no, and I put it back. I'm still lucid but I'm beginning to wake up. I have been sleeping on my side. I'm groggy and still in an altered state. I feel a pain in the left side of my chest. Still feeling connected I call out to the Larger Awareness and ask the “imperfection” in my chest be healed. After repeating it a few times, the pain goes away. I lay there in bed a long time savoring the intense feelings of peace before getting up and making coffee. Part of my intention in the lucid dream was to find out about my past life but I had completely forgotten to ask. Next time!

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