State of Grace


I am in the neonatal intensive care unit in the hospital where I am employed. Everyone here is horrible. Robotic caregivers are torturing grotesque looking infants and zombie parents look on. I am disgusted, but suddenly, I am realizing that these images are a dream, and I am not the captive of this scene. I can leave if I choose to. I turn and walk down a long corridor that opens to a cavernous space without walls or ceiling, yet I am still indoors. The atmosphere is so thick, I am buoyant, I am swimming in it.

I'm filled with joy. I must wake myself lest I forget all this. Streams of pleasure are flowing from the core of my body to the surface. Every cell on my skin is glowing with sublime pleasure. I am awake on my bed, in my room. I have just experienced the true "state of grace," not the banality depicted to me in Catholic school many years ago.

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