“Help Me Again!”


I’m walking down a rundown neighborhood street; it's typical decayed buildings worn out by decades of use and weather conditions. I'm drawn in further and further. There seems to be no way out. Finally I find myself in a huge enclosed industrial yard of some kind. I recognize this from another dream. I realize I'm dreaming.

I also recognize a door I've seen before and walk inside to a work area congested with building materials. I meet a foreman/supervisor. I know, from that previous dream that on the other side of the building there is an exit but don't remember how to get there. I ask him to show me where it is. He's cooperative and gives me directions. He tells another co-worker to let me pass and I find my way out.

I remember to ask the Larger Consciousness/awareness behind the dream to "show me something I need to see.” I'm already beginning to lose control of the dream. I begin to see shapes emerge in my field of vision. They seem to be morphing into all sorts of indistinct shapes. Finally, a bust of what could be an ancient Mayan or Aztec appears but quickly morphs into the bust of an ancient Greek or Roman. It was a one-dimensional representation like you would see on an ancient coin.

I'm beginning to lose the dream. I'm almost awake but not quite. I'm right in the middle. I call out to the larger awareness, "Help me!"  Somewhere in the far regions of my mind I hear, "I DID help you." And I replied, "Help me again. Clarification please!" I wanted to know what this all meant. Now I'm fully awake

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