Who was singing the song?


I meditate for 30 minutes and retire to bed. It is 10pm. Laying there relaxing and tired; I repeat to myself, “This is a dream. This is a dream,” over and over and soon I really AM dreaming.

I am dressed in camo and am wondering how, if I were trying to survive, I would make a bow out of existing materials. I now have a cross bow and I am in the countryside of rolling hills and big trees everywhere with lots of walking space between. Looking around I look for any sign of trails where animals may have walked and scrunch myself down in some trees and brush waiting for one to come along so I can shoot it.

I think I am alone but I am not. I hear voices and see a father and his little boy walking alone in these hills. They both walk right past my hiding place. The father walks past first and turns around as though he were going to engage me but does not. He pretends he does not see me and walks on with the child. He bends down to observe some plants. I see a Moose in the distance.

I am asleep now, in my sleeping bag. It is nighttime and I realize my phone is not working properly and neither is my radio and I am thinking I will have to return them for a replacement. I know that this is a dream and look up into the sky and see the Milky Way. It is stunning! It looks so real and the stars seem to have multiplied! I exclaim out loud how incredible it all is. My neighbor, who in waking life lives in the apartment across from me just laughs.

It is daylight again and I am still lucid but beginning to lose lucidity. I spin, a technique used to stay lucid, and say to the consciousness behind the dream that I want to experience what it is like to be free from anger and immaturity, but nothing happens. So I spin again and proclaim that I want to meet my inner guidance. I am still lucid and I am looking at all the beauty around me. In the distance the scene looks like a beautiful 19th century oil painting of outdoor nature, but everything close by me looks normal.

I am sitting on the ground now waiting for my inner guide to appear. I repeat to myself I am dreaming. I want my guide to appear NOW. I stare off between the trees at a path expecting him/her to appear, but nothing happens. Instead I can hear a Native American Indian drum beating boom…boom…boom…boom and an Indian voice, a chorus of Indian voices blended as one, singing a pretty little song to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”, but the words are different. All the time they are signing and the drum is going boom…boom…boom. The words are telling me how much I am loved and cared for. I know I'm not going to remember the words when I awaken. I am still waiting to see my guide but no one appears.

Instead I look into some trees and see what looks like a makeshift Indian Teepee made of a blue tarp. I walk over and look in. The Teepee is smaller now and as I round the bend to look inside, I see no one is there! I look around the back and still no one is there! But I do see what looks like two overstuffed chairs with no one sitting in them. The drum is still beating and the song is still being sung.

I sit down in one of the armchairs, stunned, overwhelmed with emotion. I can still hear the drum beat. I allow myself to lose lucidity. As I awaken and lay there in bed I can heard the sound of my own heart beating: boom...boom...boom... and smile to myself. The drumbeat was my own heart beat incorporated into the dream. But the song? Who was singing the song?

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