Memories Ornament Message

Sonia Estima

I woke up at 5AM and read for about 45 minutes from the December 2019 Issue of the Lucid Dreaming Experience magazine. I was reading about engaging the awareness behind the dream and wanted to try to find a message from my dream. My mother has just passed away and I was thinking of her as I went back to sleep. . . 

I enter a lucid dream and I remember my intent to find a message or meaningful information from the dream.  I look around and see a small shop to my left. I walk into the store with the intent of finding a message or something.

As I start to look around, I pick up a small ornament, like a Christmas tree ornament. I find it pretty, as it is very colorful and sparkles in a myriad of colors.  I admire the piece and then I turn it around.  On the bottom I see the word: Memories.

At that moment I think of Mom and I feel that is my message. I will always carry her and her memories will continue to live inside me. (She loved Christmas and decorating the tree). I was very happy to feel the connection with Mom and the message I received from the dream.

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