All-Seeing Eye

Virginia A.

Read LDE a lot the previous day. Was dreaming something I don’t recall and had a feeling I was dreaming. Had that moment where I can ignore it and dream on or wake up in it. So I said, “I’m dreaming!” and I see sky. Lots of blue sky, some white and gray clouds. I look up and raise my arms and cry, “I am yours, do what you will!” I start soaring up. The sky gets thinner, less clouds, less little points of light. The sky has a watercolor look to it, like it’s on paper.

I stop suddenly. There’s a huge eye looking down at me. It moves its eye and the whole thing has an ephemeral, wavy, undulating quality - always in motion as it “floats.” It has a golden hue and the iris is light brown. Crackles of white fractal energy line the eye. I feel a rush of love and affection for this eye. I think, “God?” but don’t feel it is. I awake.

Thinking about it, could it have been my subconscious awareness? I did feel it had a familiar, knowing essence to it.

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