Dragon Egg

Mary K

At the beginning of this dream, I am the conscious observer.

I see myself sitting in a large banquet hall of a castle. I am sitting at a long wooden table with a group of men and women. We are at a feast, and it seems as if a group of nobles or other royalty has come to visit and dine with us. I hear us discussing something about a wedding, an arranged wedding. I believe it is mine. I must be a princess.

Then, the banquet ends, and I leave the hall with two of the men. It is at this point in the dream that I cease to be the conscious observer and become an active participant.

We walk down a hallway to my left and then make a right turn. I notice the hallway is lit by a super bright white light with a hint of shimmery gold. As we walk, the light continues to grow in strength and brightness. I realize after awhile that we are walking downward as if the floor were on a gradual downward slant. Finally, we reach the center of the castle deep underground.

I see a man standing guard in front of an open pit. I see flames coming up from the pit. I need to retrieve something from the fire pit. One of my men tells the guard to step aside, and he does without argument. My man goes and stands next to the guard. They talk quietly while step forward toward the pit. My second man is right behind me.

I walk in thin air above the pit and flames. The heat from the flames does not bother me at all. I then descend as if by magic down into the pit. I am completely engulfed by fire, but it doesn't bother me. My right hand moves forward and grasps a large object. The object is oval-shaped and about twice the size of my hand. It is green and hard like a stone. At first, I think it is a stone. Maybe an expensive peace of jade or something.

Then, as if by magic, I slowly ascend out from the flaming pit. I float back to the pit's edge where my man waits for me. We step away from the pit and walk back to the guard and my other escort. The guard goes back to his station by the pit, and the three of us begin our long walk back up to the castle.

As we begin our journey, I notice the green stone in my hand is glowing with a soft emerald green light. It is still warm, perhaps from the flames, but the warmth makes me think it is alive. I can feel a slow and steady pulsation from its center, like a heart beat. I realize I am not holding a precious piece of jade; I am holding a dragon egg. Furthermore, I know immediately that the dragon egg is ready to hatch.

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