Raising the Dead

Yeng Lao

In my dream, I appeared standing in front of a farm field. It was night time. The stars were bright and twinkling. I was facing the farm field looking eastward. I noticed to my left, northward about a mile in the distance was a gas station. I flew toward the gas station and made a right turn. About two blocks away I noticed a car accident.

The driver was dead lying on the sidewalk, and his friends were crying. I flew over to the dead body, and they asked me if I could help their friend. I thought about it, should I intervene, or should I continue on my way? I knew I was dreaming. Usually when something like this happened in my dream, I’d leave it alone. 

However, this time, I decided to intervene. I put my left hand on the dead guy’s chest and raised my right hand into the air. I created a bright beacon of light shining toward the direction of the dead guy and directed his consciousness back into his body. I raised him from the dead. I flew up about seven feet in front of him and told him to live his life fully during my dreaming state.

Then I woke up. It is the first time I was able to raise a dead person back to life in my lucid dream.

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