Swallowed by a Fish


I’m jogging on a dirt road near my childhood home. The environment around me feels somehow ‘dreamy.’ Just for fun, I bend down and pick a tussock with an odd, white-bluish flower in the middle. Holding it in my hand, it feels like it is made of modeling clay. I can easily change its form. Therefore, I’m sure that I must be dreaming!

I scrunch this flower, which reminds me of a sea anemone, and throw it away. I recall the current lucid dream challenge of my lucid dreaming forum: to fall backwards into a new dream level.

I’m standing with my arms crossed over my breast and let myself fall into a horizontal position, floating above the road. The sky darkens, and a huge cloud begins to transform into an enormous, dark blue, slightly pinkish fish. It swims with its mouth wide open towards my feet. I realize that it will swallow me and I let it happen without fear, but with curiosity.

As soon as I’m inside its gullet, the cloud-fish dissolves on both sides into nothing, and I am in a new dream scene.

Unfortunately, after waking up, I couldn’t recall what exactly happened next. I just feel that I had a fascinating conversation with a dream figure until I recall that I wanted to experience something more special, like the lucid light.

I try again to fall backward, but another dream figure appears. She offers me several sunglasses, from which I have to choose one. I’m frustrated about this distraction, but not lucid enough to ignore it.

I’m afraid that I could wake up before having the opportunity to try falling backward again. The sunglasses look old-fashioned, but finally, I choose one that looks familiar to one I had in waking reality. When I take it in my hand, I wake up.

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