Asking for Healing


On July 21, 2020, at age 75, I had open heart surgery, requiring Aortic valve replacement and triple bypass work. I visited my usual dream realm, Seth University, Dream Campus - my term, and requested that the Seth energy vibration send me healing energy to assist in my recovery, and, in addition, I tasked my inner self-being to also shower me with healing energy.

The Seth entity, or the We Are Seth gestalt family of essence personalities, has been constantly showering me with healing energy which I feel pervading my body and my healing process is amazingly accelerated and my doctors and nurses are impressed with my progress. I asked and I received and my beliefs allow for such accomplishment.

The Seth family wears guises and adopts clever personas as they work behind the scenes, so to speak, and they are approachable in the dream realms unencumbered by time and space. They work in both physical and non-physical terms and they are related with the Seth of Jane Roberts.

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