Be Bold

Mark Wrobel

I had decided to go into a trance (I was 19) and see what I could encounter in the higher self. I envisioned a door that I could open and go through. I was successful and found myself in what I call an infinite black space, essentially I was in a dream dimension which I did realize.

Way off in the distance I could see a small glittering colorful object, about 3 ft in length. I approached it. It was pulsing as if alive. It was a kaleidoscope of sorts. Every fraction of a second it would change its kaleidoscope shape. I decided to touch a pane, it was extraordinarily red. 

I felt a whoosh of motion and found myself in a life situation of about 4 years previous on a day that was a memorable nice day; we had just gotten a puppy in the house. I started to feel heat as if I was really in the room and going to stay there. I panicked in some small sense and tried to make my way back to my body. I was there soon enough. Except I could not move. And my body was drenched in sweat.

It took me decades to understand some of the things I experienced. The black space some call the cosmic void, the body seemingly frozen when I came back to my body referred to as sleep paralysis. The sweat I don’t understand. But it was an inspirational journey. Be bold.

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