Sexy Flying Dream

Nanci in Florida

I woke with strong sexual feelings, very aroused and self-indulgent, but there was no imagery or other people, just a very powerful sense of happiness, sensuality, self-assuredness, and a go-for-it attitude. After 30 minutes awake of just reveling in this mental energy, I slid into a dream.

I was in my dream condo (not the one in this life) with a spacious great room and high ceilings. I was still feeling the very strong sexual energy and a go-for-it attitude. I already knew I was dreaming as I took stock of where I was. I looked around the room and at the high ceilings for some way to use this sexual energy I was feeling, so I thought in a very sultry, Lauren Becall way, “You know, I should just fly.”

Then my strict logical ego popped up like a second alternate personality and said sternly, “I can’t do that!” Then my Lauren Becall sexual energy rose up and I said in this sassy, flippant way, “Why not?”

Suddenly I lifted about 6 inches and started floating around, deliriously happy, examining every detail of the room as I slid past the furniture and walls. Now my energy was supercharged because I was so proud of myself. I glanced around the room and then looked at the very detailed tiles on the ceiling. I wanted to see the pattern close up.

I smiled a Lauren Becall smirk and glibly thought, “I should fly to the ceiling.” Once again my logical ego personality popped up and sternly replied, “I can’t do that!” But my Lauren self wasn’t having that. Smugly she replied with a flip of her hair, “Why not??”

Then I focused on the ceiling and instantly I was there. I was ecstatic! From then on for the rest of the dream I could do anything. I could zip across the room instantly and stop on a dime, or float in any direction with full control.

At one point I wanted to go outside but I saw my neighbor walking around outside and I decided I didn’t want to deal with her watching me, so I just stayed inside. I also really wanted to take my clothes off and really let myself go, but decided I didn’t want to break my focus on flying by taking the time to undress, so I pushed that impulse aside and continued to focus on the sensations of flying.

I was thrilled by my control at gliding. I loved feeling the breeze of moving air against my skin, and enjoying the sensations of touching my fingers on the surface of the textured ceiling tiles and examine the patterns.

I realized I was casually sitting on a floating object that looked somewhat like the padded back of a dining chair with a small footstep at the bottom to rest my feet. This was such a small flimsy object it looked like a toy, and I knew it wasn’t really strong enough to support me normally, but it was underneath my butt at a 45° angle and gravity was allowing me to rest on this seat while gravity had no restrictions on my floating around. I was aware of the logical conflict and just chose to ignore it.

I continued to float and glide, looking down and around, occasionally just willing myself across the room and I would be there instantly. This was so much fun I was grinning and laughing the whole time.

The Lesson:

It was explained to me at this point that what made my flying possible was the combination of two things: 1) my thought, or intent, and 2) my very upbeat, self-assured sexual energy that said casually, “Why the hell not?”

My saucy, confident, easy-going, “sure-I-can-do-this” attitude overcame my concern that I had limitations and I shouldn’t break the rules, and once that attitude kicked in I just did what came naturally. The point of the lesson was that by taking on this very easy-going self-confident high-powered attitude I could easily blow off any fears and concerns and false beliefs that would normally hold me back.

Every time I said “I can’t” I was giving myself a limitation that wasn’t real. It was like I was sticking out my hand for a cookie and expecting a nun to smack me with a ruler, because I had always been told no, I can’t fly, so I refused to even try.

But every time I said “Why not?” I was dismissing that official-line-of-consciousness sense of limitation, because I was all grown up now and I knew I didn’t have any limitations, so of course I could have a cookie if I wanted one!

The feeling of the sexual energy reminded me of seeing John Travolta at the end of the movie Staying Alive (a follow up to Saturday Night Fever), where at the very end of the movie he was strutting down the street to the song, Staying Alive. His libido made him so happy and self-confident that he thought he could pull off anything.

I was feeling this same kind of almost cocky, sexual self-confidence so that I could just kick all my mental blocks out of the way so I could do whatever I wanted to do. The more I tried, the more self confident I became, and the greater my energy level.

When I woke from that dream, I was laughing, and my mouth hurt from smiling so much.

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