Michael Fagan

While my daughter was in college in 2013, she texted me that she had gotten a tattoo. However, she would not tell me anything else about either the location or the content of her tattoo. 

She had previously told me she was thinking of getting one. I had warned her that tattoos do not age well, and many people often regret getting them later. I advised her to be careful about the choice and the location. But we had never discussed any specifics. Needless to say, I was very concerned/curious as to its content and location.

The same night as her text about the tattoo. I went to sleep with the intention of observing my daughter's tattoo. I became lucid and immediately recognized my daughter without having to go look for her. She was in the form of a dog, which is her typical/usual dream form (she almost always dreams about being a dog for some reason).

When she approached me in my dream she began to morph into her human form. Before she had completed the full transition (she was still half/half dog/human), she reached with her paw/hand and pulled down her lower lip and revealed her tattoo. It was on the inside of her lower lip. It was the word "Faith" in a written, flowing font. This lucid dream had the "real" feel to it, and I was fairly confident this tattoo location/content would be verified in waking reality.

The next day I texted her that I knew where and what her tattoo was. She called me immediately. She thought I had somehow found out from one of her friends, outing her on social media, or I had located the tattoo parlor and convinced them to tell me, or some other waking reality explanation.

I told her about my dream, and how she had come to me in my dream and had happily showed me the tattoo without any "pressure" being applied by me. During the lucid dream. I had not asked her or even "willed" to see the tattoo. My daughter is very aware of my lucid dreaming/OBE ability, but this dream really surprised her. 

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