Golden Trees, Golden Fireballs


Sometimes it’s interesting what happens if I perform a task that I wouldn’t have chosen as a lucid dreaming goal for myself, as in the following one: meet an angel, eat flatbread, and drink water.

First, I thought to skip it, as I am proud of never having angels in my dreams because I don’t believe in any. But then I decided that it could be fun to let appear a projection of a golden angel.

After a WBTB, I try to enter a lucid dream with my current practical quest: ‘observe images after interrupted sleep’.

Lying on my back with eyes closed, I begin to see hypnagogic hallucinations until I am in a false awakening. I still can see some hallucinations with my open eyes in my bedroom. After they fade, I explain this phenomenon to my friends. 

Then I try again to perform a WILD by observing images. (I’m not sure if I do it in my false awakening or if I woke up first.) I begin to see a cartoonlike picture with a table and deckchairs. I manage to zoom into it, and I am lying on one of the deckchairs now. I can remove a blanket and float up and out of the bedroom window. It feels like the start of a gondola ride. 

Outside, a toddler, dressed in green, throws a white teddy bear towards me. I can catch it and press to my body. It looks exactly like the favorite teddy of one of my daughters. What a fun start to my lucid dream adventure!

Together with another child, I’m flying higher above a wonderful mountain landscape. There are several valleys with snow-covered trees, and in the distance, I see the beginning of a gorgeous sunset. But the hill in front of me is still green with only a few snow-covered fir trees between them, which looks funny. I think that it would look even nicer if all larch trees would be golden like they are now during fall. Immediately it happens! Wow – it looks wonderful, and it reminds me of my goal to meet a golden angel.

I imagine that such an angel is flying down from the sky in front of me.  But instead, the sky darkens, and fireballs are attacking me. I can feel the heat and one touches my left hand. It doesn’t hurt as I know that it’s only a dream illusion. I’m puzzled and too confused to decide what to do next. Therefore I wake up.


It seems that my ‘Larger Awareness’ played a trick on me. As I didn’t want to meet a ‘real’ angel, just an illusion of it, my dreamer behind the dream let me ‘meet’ golden fireballs. 

A projection is only a projection, after all, maybe made of lucid (golden) light? It’s what I want to explore in future lucid dreams.

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