Mirror Mirror

Peter Maich

Lucid and very aware. Big night dreaming and have left a few things out as the dream is a bit long as it is, and these notes are core of a very deep and to me interesting lucid dream. The space I ended up in had the quality of my normal waking world along with total stability. 

I was aiming for a WILD and was in and out of dreams about 3 times while drifting off to sleep around 3:00 am and trying to hold awareness from waking into the dream world. There were some strong vibrations both entering and within the dream space and I allowed these to run without any attempt at interaction.

I accepted these and did not allow them to kick me out of the dream (by reacting) and so just witnessing and allowing the dream to form up. Not a WILD, as I missed the instant of transition or attempting to establish if I was dreaming, just knew I was dreaming and so wandered happily around and let it all form up.

On a footpath with a few people milling around, I decided to float off the ground and gently did so. I floated up, hovered, went down and reached out to a lady that seemed interested in what I was doing. I reached out for her hand and took her up into the air for a short flight above the crowd and then gently put her back on the ground.

I then walked into a building and over to a wall with a big rectangle shaped mirror on it. The mirror was shimmering and very bright. I looked in and saw myself reflected, laughed as I had a big square head and glasses to match. My face was multi-coloured as well. I asked for a few more faces, got them and had more fun being surprised at the changes that were presented to me. Another character came over to me and said I was taking too much time at the mirror and it was not a good thing to do. I said thanks and proceeded to gently push my hand on the surface of the mirror to soften it and then I lifted up and floated through to the other side.

I popped out and was standing in a medium-sized room in a very real scene.0

It had the quality and feel of the waking world and did not seem like a dream space. I felt connected in the way you do when you wake up and your senses establish the connection to the waking world and the surreal quality of a dreamspace goes.

Three people were present and very surprised to see me, more stunned than surprised by the look of them. They were lean and fit looking with bodies coloured a reddish brown. I thought they were naked at first but had a very thin and tight skin suit on. It was ribbed and laced with threads that looked like veins and a lot of small dots at connecting points.

Still staring at me and unmoving, they said it was very rare for someone to come through in a fully aware state. They started to move around me and place a restraining barrier like a circular folding tube that would lag water pipes. I let them do this and they said it was for my own protection. Fully restrained but still able to make small movements I watched them. While all this was going on, two ladies came through the mirror. They were very subdued and had no idea where they were and walked past us and out another door.

Still fully wrapped and secure I tested the material and could put a finger into it. I told my friends that I appreciated being protected but they might need to upgrade their equipment and walked out of the device and stood in front of them. They were very upset that it could not hold me and we spent a few moments looking at each other.

I then started asking a few questions . . .

Gets hazy now, woke myself and 12 hours later still have the feeling of connection to that time and place.

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