I am dreaming that I wake up and go to the room next door, where my partner is playing music, to ask him to lower the music (which in reality he is really doing). But then I see a bunch of people in the room killing him and wanting to kill me, so I run away and escape through the window and climb down to the street. At this point I realize, "Wait this can’t be a real situation." So I look at my hand and see I have 8 fingers. At this point I just stop running, knowing I'm dreaming.

I look down the road when a man on a scooter comes up to stab me with a knife. But I tell him that its a dream and everything is cool. Then we start walking together along the road. It’s very dark so I ask the dream to make the sun come out and the sun starts rising over the horizon.

Then I realize that I have no shoes on. I ask for a pair of shoes, but I end up with clown shoes. Very disappointed, I ask for another pair but only the color changes. I don’t insist. 

Then I try to float but it doesn’t work and somehow I don’t want to lose my new friend with whom I am walking, so I don’t insist (on floating) and run to join him instead. He was not waiting for me, but I knew I had to follow him. 

We arrive at a sort of street food stand with candies and all sorts of bad food. At this point I say to the vendor and my new friend, "Oh man, I had a question to ask but I can’t remember it." The vendor tries to give me some food and suddenly I remember that I wanted to ask why I have so many stomach issues.

I look at the vendor of the fast food struck and ask him. He then looks at what he is doing, and with a very gentle smile - like a mom looking at her child - he replies something about “toxin.” (I can’t remember the exact sentence.)

Then I find myself in the dark. It takes me few seconds to realize that I actually woke up but my eyes were still closed! I also found out when I woke up that my partner was having health difficulties at that exact same moment.

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