As many of us find, it’s difficult to express in words the experiences we have and the wonder they inspire. I had a lucid dream that turned in to an OBE, met some interesting alien species and a new guide I wasn’t familiar with early this morning when I had series of experiences that started around 3:45 (based on an estimate as to how many minutes passed before I fell back to sleep) and continued until 5:50, 2/24/19. I used the clock beside to the bed to account for time:

It started innocently enough with a non-lucid dream that involved a newspaper. As I looked at the front page the date was May 2, no year, so this triggered lucidity. As any good lucid dream researcher would, I looked through the newspaper for additional clues as to what information was there for me. I scanned the headlines for things like disasters, current events and since I am looking for winning lottery numbers, I was trying to see if a page might have that. It was a thick paper, like you might expect on Sundays (I will look to see when the next May 2nd falls on a Sunday). The lucid dream was quite stable. I saw a story that said it was continued on page 4, I went to page 4 and the rest of the story was there.

I slipped out of this dream in to an OBE, having done this for so many years, I can tell the difference in the content and feel. I was OBEing before I learned to lucid dream so I can go back and forth. The rest of the experiences were in an out-of-body state.

I am in the astral world. It has a dark sky and I am having trouble getting airborne so I know I am in a lower frequency place there. I change my thoughts and see a flight of stairs so I float up to the top. There is an open gate and as soon as I go through it, I am greeted by an alien being. (I am the alien in his world, I am sure.) He could be an AI (artificial intelligence). His head is egg shaped and eggplant colored with some white streaks in it. He is a little shorter than me. I ask him telepathically his name. He responds immediately with, “James Bond”. I laughed, knowing he was trying to convey to me in terms I might be able to relate to as to what his function was. 

He said we needed to get me to the ship or craft. Again, anytime I get in these experiences I try to gain as much information as possible. I asked him what powered his craft and he stated some terms I was not familiar with. I do remember the word drive however. When we got there, it seemed to be a terminal of some sort. He asked me to wait at the opening of the gate and I looked around. The structure was a dark blue metal and there were beings walking past. A very tall one maybe 10 ft tall with spindly limbs and a maroon red head passed and I acknowledged it with a nod as if to say hello. Another one was passing so I put my hands together like in prayer and bowed slightly. The being stopped walking and looked confused by my actions, another being explained in some way that I meant no disrespect. I was then back in my body. 

I know from experience that I can immediately get out again, so I rolled out of my body and flew out the back left window in the bedroom. I wanted to return to that terminal so I fixed it in my mind. I took off at a rapid speed and broke the atmosphere in about 30 seconds, it seemed, and I was in starry space. I sensed something or someone was with me, so I said, “Hello?” there was no answer, so I repeated it. It said it was “expended” and attended to the dog and me. It then revealed itself, it was a guide I suspected, I asked what its purpose was. It said, “I am called a thinker, I don’t speak very often but am with you (I sensed not just me) in the mornings. I will communicate more with music and things that may come to you in the shower.”

Because this was telepathically conveyed, I got more than the words, I got the feelings and purpose of what she and her kind do for us. She showed me her face, she was hooded in black with a young lovely face that looked to be in her twenties. I thanked her and asked her name but before she answered I came back to my body.

This time I felt the electrical vibration along my back that signaled the experience was over. I looked at the clock to get the time. I thanked her again in my mind and will now do so each morning as I usually have a song in my head in the mornings. Sometimes I will look up the lyrics as I intuitively know there is probably a message for me. Now I know who was sending it to me! Thank you, I am sorry I didn’t get your name. I will just call you “Thinker.”

Update: The song in my head this morning is Boston’s More Than a Feeling.

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