"Where's The Pizza At?"

Shawn Selders

I have not had much success with contacting the awareness behind the dream. In my many attempts there are only four somewhat successful instances that come to mind. The following are just brief segments of long lucid dreams: 

  • In one lucid dream I was flying among the treetops when I asked aloud to be shown something important for me to see. A minute later I was above a river near my house. Looking down at it I saw something other than the river. I saw mystical clouds obscuring a full moon where the river should have been. It was quite a beautiful sight.
  • Many of my lucid dreams take place in malls. In one, I was flying about 20 feet above the mall's main hallway. Some people were walking down it. I shouted down to a woman: "Tell me something important!" She replied at once, "People are not of this earth." I pondered this notion as I continued flying down the hall.
  • In a similar mall dream I was flying in a mall and shouted down to a woman below, "Tell me something interesting!" She replied with a question. She asked, "Where's the pizza at?" I had to laugh about that one when I woke up. Although, who does not love pizza?
  • Finally, I recently had a dream wherein I shouted out, "Let me hear something important!" At once I heard a long musical note, or several notes, ringing simultaneously on and on, continuously, for quite a while.

Obviously I have not achieved much that is noteworthy with this aspect of lucid dreaming. I rarely remember to try it when I am lucid, and I do not have a great deal of confidence in it when I do remember. But I will continue to try. Hopefully something significant will eventually take place.

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