A Bit of Dark Humor from the Dreamspace

Peter Maich

On going to sleep I put it out there to the “listener inside” that “they”, or “it” can feel free to take me as deep as they want, to get past the playground of the normal dreamscape and offer me what ever they want, and I will let it all just happen and accept whatever occurs. 

Be careful what you ask for.

I am in for a dental check-up, not sure why. I get into the chair and the nurse is putting her hands on my jaw, feeling around, and then in my opened mouth. She applies gentle persistent pressure, attempting to pop my jaw, so it will hang down. She adds more pressure, pushing very hard and one side goes, drops down. I feel more pressure than pain and I wonder why she is doing this, but I make no attempt to stop it.

The dentist now joins in - he is trying a lot harder and is stronger than the nurse, and soon the other side goes. My jaw is now dislocated. The dentist then proceeds to drill holes between my teeth at the gum line. Again, no pain, just an odd pressure and I am getting really curious to see how this all ends up. 

After the holes are drilled he takes a surgical knife and cuts a wedge-shaped chunk from the roof of my mouth. I see this and again wonder why this is happening. Not fully aware but with some degree of involvement, I decide enough is enough and wake myself up.

Note: I have no idea what this one was about. I was never concerned and think my subconscious  just had some fun with my intent of letting “them/it” show me whatever they want. Not quite what I expected but for an early evening dream I was okay with it. Tonight, I’ll ask again and wear them out until I get some interesting results. What could possibly go wrong?

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