Interacting With Dream Characters

Steve Racicot

Before I go to sleep I visualize a glowing red sphere in my throat and try to be conscious as I go to sleep.

The Dream: I am walking down a long stairway made of polished black stone. The stairway has many turns and landings. The steps are curved rather than straight. As I descend these stairs, I meet a man on one of the landings who reminds me of someone I work with. For some reason this meeting causes me to know that I am dreaming. I ask the man, “Do you know where you are?”

“No, I don’t,” he replies.

“The reason you don’t is because this is a dream,” I say. He looks surprised.

I continue down the stairs and meet a couple more people. I ask them, “Do you know that this is a dream?” They smile and reply that they had no idea.

The stairs come to an end in a large lobby of what appears to be a very big building. A long line of people extends across the lobby. I walk down this line, talking to the people. I ask them if they know who they are or where they are. Each one tells me he or she doesn’t know. I tell them, “That is because you and I are dreaming” or sometimes I tell them that it is because they are people in my dream.

Now I notice that some of the people have cameras with them. “Take my picture and see if I am in the picture when you get home. I bet I won’t be because this is a dream,” I tell them, not noticing that my strange kind of dream logic doesn’t make much sense.

Now I come upon two young ladies, both holding babies and playing with them as mothers do. I ask one of these young mothers if she knows her name. She replies, “Of course.”

I ask, well, what is it?”

She says, “Vulva Incognito.”

I say, “What?”

She looks embarrassed and says her name again, but changes it to something else that sounds a little more like a real name. I tell her, “See, even though this is a dream, we are now both embarrassed and you don’t really know your name. I think you are just making things up to try to  fit into the dream scene.” This young mother agrees with me and the other people standing around laugh.

I continue walking through this large building, joking with the people and saying things like “None of you know who you are because this is my dream.” Now it finally occurs to me that here I am, conscious in a dream, and all I am doing is playing around.

I decide to do something more interesting. I walk out the front door of the building and find a nice country landscape. I had expected such a large building as I am in to be in a city, but all around are grass and trees.

I get the idea to go see my meditation teacher. I leap into the air with the idea to fly to wherever he is. Once I’m up in the air I feel as though I am lying on my back and I begin falling downward. I close my eyes, thinking to myself that if there is no ground to hit that then I won’t hit the ground. Sure enough, I don’t crash into the earth because when I close my eyes the dream disappears. Also, because I know I’m dreaming, I am actually enjoying the falling sensation and this goes on for quite a while. I land in my bed and wake up the instant I land.

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