Pesky Thought Forms

Victoria Liddelle

I'm in a kitchen and there's a really tiny cute baby in the middle of the floor. I pick him up and cuddle him. Some people walk past me and go into the lounge. I'm leaning on a counter when out of nowhere I think this could be a dream. I wave my hands in front of my face. Without doing a reality check, I march through to the people in the lounge and shout, 'All dream characters disappear!' The people look up at me bemused. So I say 'Oops, sorry, I mean all thought forms disappear!' There was a general murmur of understanding and they all leave the room, much to my amusement.

I decide I want to go to my favourite dimension but I want to take the baby. But the baby has gone and there is a skinny old man in a white t-shirt with tattoos instead. He glares at me. I ignore him and shout out, 'Take me to my favourite dimension!' and I shoot out the french doors into the sky. I make the fatal error of closing my eyes as I breathe the delicious night air, and I wake up.

I once asked all thought forms to disappear and the only person left was a large Maori guy in a loin cloth. I asked if he was a thought form and he just laughed at me.

In another dream, I shouted out the same statement to a room full of people and a Japanese woman approached me very concerned. She said, 'I don't want to disappear, I won't exist'. I felt sorry for her and so I relented and told everyone to just move on into a different room. There was such a big cue to get into the room and I said, 'Come on! Hurry up before I wake up!' I felt a tingle on my leg and knew it was too late.

Every time I have shouted to the dream, 'Higher Self now!' the dream has gone into a brown and pink coloured sludge and nothing happens. Or I wake up.

I once asked the dream to show me something that was important right now. It showed me a huge pink castle in the distance on an island. And a close up of an old gravestone with a famous person's name written on it. Sadly, I can't remember the name and nor did I get the reference.

Top 5 questions to ask the awareness behind the dream: To feel divine love through my entire being. To rid myself of all blocks to my happiness. To cure my lazy eye. To meet my spirit guides/higher self. To show me the true nature of reality.

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