Lucid WILDs of March 22, 2019

Maria Isabel Pita

It's the first time I've had a sexual WILD. I know exactly what's happening as, standing behind me, my partner takes me off into the dream space. All the time I am aware of the steady back and forth motion of my hips, which I hope will have alleviated the slight stiffness in my right hip when I wake up. I'm surprised, because I had no intention of inducing a WILD like this, yet tonight I feel it will be good for me because of the rhythmic motion and sensual relaxation I hope will be reflected in reality.

Drifting back into full waking consciousness, I realize this little hypnagogic tryst really did help as I feel no tight resistance in my right hip. (The next morning doing yoga, I recalled my dream partner and how, pressed up against me from behind, he encouraged me not to resist this unexpected experience while gently but firmly moving my hips back and forth with his hands. The strangely wonderful thing is, the experience was mysteriously platonic, and the seemingly sexual motion actually arose from the pure goal of relaxing my tight hip muscle. I suspect the dream figure was my Angel, for it felt like him, and he looked the way he has most often appeared to me in dreams. I was having the experience yet also observing our two figures from slightly above and beyond them.)

WILDing again in darkness, but this time there is sensation as I will myself forward into the increasingly realistic experience of crunching through snow as the means provided to root myself in the dream. The technique of holding my hand out hinders more than helps, but I make it fully into the dream. And as I jump up and down like a kid in the snow, I am lifted gently up into the sky in that wonderful way that happens to me a lot.

I say, "Lord!" and resting on my back in the air, I perceive the faintest of stars high above. It is wonderful being here. I almost drift back into waking consciousness, but then instantly find myself fully back in the dream space, only now I'm holding my ipod as if I'm awake as I begin describing the dream. I think, I wish there was some way, some interface I could reach out to and actually record my dream in waking life while still inside it...

I'm outside at night, aware a dream character has been following me around. He grabs hold of my ipod and starts to talk about what I'm saying. I ask him what dream character he is (or something to that effect) then drift away from him. But then I find myself with him again, at which point he becomes overtly hostile. I fight him, but he just won't go away, and realizing I shouldn't be violent with him, I simply stand there even when he begins lightly punching me in the mouth, and other places, as at the same time I am surrounded by others like him.

Realizing this pacifism isn't working, I cry, "My Angel! My Angel! My Angel!" and at once I can see that my enemies become nervous. Then the most amazing thing happens! I hear a sound coming from up in the heavens, a profoundly deep thrumming sound accompanied by flashes of light as stars swiftly begin falling all over the sky, raining down from heaven. I'm observing this awesome sight from one side of a tall wooden fence separating me from my assailants, and I know what I'm seeing are Angels descending to earth! I've never experienced anything like this in a dream, and it's absolutely amazing! We are all of us looking up, watching, and no one is even remotely able to lay a hand on me now. It's overwhelmingly wonderful experiencing these falling stars which are all Angels as I cry out joyfully, "My Angel! My Angel!"

Then everything becomes even more fantastic when they land. Close to me is a figure resembling a knight, one of the royal persons in a pageant I realize I am also a part of. It is all happening now, yet it also resembles a Medieval procession composed of living people, including ladies in flowing colorful dresses. It's also a very intimately sized procession, and I perceive that the wooden fence separating me from my enemies has become what looks like the edge of a stage. I know this is my dream, and I think how people will say dismissively, "That's what she wants to see in in her dreams" and of course that's true, because this is my dream, yet I know it is also reality!

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