One Heart One Body

Maria I Pita

This experience showcases how a non-lucid dream can seamlessly transition into a lucid void space experience in which I know I am out of body, at which point I consciously enter a dream scene. In my opinion, these states are all part of one non-physical reality, just like my legs, arms and head are part of one body. And just as my physical body is sustained by my beating heart, the “space outside” it mysteriously manifests and expresses the Divine Heart giving Life to everyone and everything. This makes all aspects of dreaming interactions which can become relationships as real as the ones we experience while awake.

Night of April 23, 2019

Papi (my deceased father) is in a room. I realize we’re sharing a large hotel suite. He shows me a large key. He tells me he’s going to get some dinner, and asks if I want to come with him. When I tell him I already ate, he changes his mind and says he’ll just order something to be brought to the room… An interlude centering on chocolate. Is there any chocolate? There’s no chocolate left? A hotel server declares, “Don’t tell that to me now,” which I know means he will get me some chocolate…

I dive up into a starless darkness, where rather close to me I perceive a ship made up of green containers or box cars all attached to each other. My disembodied consciousness is rising straight up through an impenetrable darkness like a fish through the deep. Then I hear a voice speaking to me, “Come pan de sol, Maria” / “Eat the bread of the sun, Maria.” The voice is telling me something about my life, and how this is my food now.

I think, “I’m having this out of body experience. This is something I can do for some reason.”

Then suddenly remembering I was just with Papi, who was ordering us dinner, I long to escape this featureless void and find him again. I feel myself turn and descend, and almost immediately I’m surrounded by a totally real and vivid nocturnal dream scene. And despite the fact that it’s night, the colors remain vibrant. I’m gliding just a few feet above a rural street into a beautiful graveyard, where green grass and tall old trees flourish between uniquely individual tombstones. With an ineffable sadness, I think, “Yes, Papi, you’re dead,” as I wonder if I’m heading toward his grave, even though I know that in waking reality he is interred in a wall.

No sooner do I drift into the cemetery than in the black sky directly ahead of me, I perceive a cluster of colorful stars which seamlessly resolve into a helicopter-like vehicle flying over the low white stone wall straight into the cemetery. The female driver is sitting on the outside of this dynamic little ship as colorful books billow out from both its sides like solid autumn leaves delivered by an energetic wind. I fly up to this divine “helicopter” hovering close to the ground as the driver pauses to deliver a book, and spotting a seat next to hers (set at a small table) I ask eagerly, “Oh, can I fly with you?!” She replies, “Sure,” and crying, “Oh, thank you!” I slip in beside her. But as we pass over the graveyard’s enclosure wall, I begin waking up.

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