The Energy of Love

Serene Martinez

In waking life, I wake up very early, probably about 5am. I am in bed with my 4 year old son. He is in my arms cuddled up like a teddy bear. His back is to me as I held him while we slept. I decide it's too early to wake up and I fall back asleep.

In my dream, I was driving in my car down the freeway during the day. I see my hands on the wheel of the car and wish I could fly. The freeway then starts to angle up a hill. I realize I am dreaming and think to myself, “If I pull back on the wheel, like an airplane, I will just keep going up. I just have to believe I can do it.” 

In past dreams I had many failed flying attempts before I realized I had to believe I could fly. I start to lift off the ground in the car. I decide I don't need the car and I continue to fly up into the sky. I love the sheer joy of flying through space so I decide to do so. I see the ground fall away as I fly in a standing position away from earth. I fly out into space with my arms outstretched to the sides. I see the planets as I fly by them. They are so vibrant and beautiful against the deep blackness of space. The stars shine more brilliantly than I see them in waking life. I am overwhelmed by the energetic feeling of love and joy. Flying through space is one of my favorite lucid dreams, so I fly for a while.

I feel the joy and love as a physical sensation in my chest and arms and body. I decide I want to share this feeling with the universe. I decide to spin and send out this love to everything. I start spinning. I can see the planets and stars spinning around me as the energy of love is being built up inside me. I feel the energy building so great I can't contain it anymore. The energy bursts from my chest in a wave of white light energy. In waking life, at the time the energy burst from my chest, I felt and heard my son make a noise like he makes when I try to wake him up and he doesn't want to get up. He moved his body like I had pushed him. I become fully awake.

This was the most powerful energy experience I have ever had. I woke up with a profound feeling of being connected to everything else in the universe. 

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