Facing Fear


I was in the backseat of the car approaching the new studio where I would be working temporarily as an intern. The studio had windows the size of the walls and was modernly simple, elegant, and dark gray. As we got out of the car, my new boss, a slender man with skinny-style business attire walked in front with his main assistant. Both of them would turn around every couple of seconds showing me the ropes of my new job, such as what went where.

We reached the first floor of the studio and I looked out through the huge window. When I turned back, I saw two huge screens take up the other sides of the walls of the room with my boss next to one screen and his assistant next to the other. He announced that he would show me his latest art piece for his upcoming gallery. The screens turned on simultaneously and ran bright and saturated video clips flashing at 1-second intervals of random things such as puppy dogs, green fields, flowers.

I turned away in panic as my field of vision was being taken up completely by the large screens and images seemingly expanding larger and larger. Shutting my eyes hard as I cowered to the window, my boss came over to me to console me and said, "It's ok, you're safe." 

I became lucid at hearing those words because I had never truly felt safe in waking life and much less have ever heard anyone say that to me. Not only did I realize that it was a dream, but that I was there to confront two things that I couldn't face in waking life. One was realizing that I never truly felt safe - completely safe, and the second was the megalophobia I had with large objects completely taking up my field of vision.

Knowing that I was dreaming and that the dream figure was my support I decided to turn to the screens to finally face it and then I awoke.

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