My First Lucid Dream

Myrka B

This little round animated cartoon figure was in front of me.  He looked like a hybrid of a colourful gingerbread and an M&M™ chocolate candy with feet and hands. Then I noticed his hands; he had extra fingers. Seeing his hands with extra fingers as opposed to my own hands took me by surprise. Still, that was THE nudge, I instantly knew I was in a dream!

Then the whole scene became amplified as if I had zoomed in through a small hole. Everything became accentuated. I noticed objects surrounded the little hybrid cartoon, but nothing specific that I remember. What I do recall the most is the clarity, the vivid colors and the space I was in or should I say the two spaces I was in. I was aware that I was there, that I could think on my own and BE WITH the dream. I kept thinking 'OMG I am lucid dreaming.' I was marvelling at the experience. I kept staring at the little hybrid happy cartoon and wondering what do I do now? What do I say? And then the entire scene faded away.

I woke up feeling elated yet scared and unprepared. I knew I visited a different layer inside my mind. Next time, I will have a plan so I can hang out longer.

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